Membership in the Charles E. Hawkins Squadron is open to all persons age 16 and over who have an interest in Texas history and want to help support the goals of the organization. Squadron members are required to maintain concurrent membership in the Texas Navy Association; membership in the TNA can be made at the same time as joining the Hawkins Squadron. Member dues for the Hawkins Squadron are $25 annually; additional annual TNA dues vary according to rank, as outlined below.

There are currently three levels, or ranks, of membership in the Hawkins Squadron and the Texas Navy Association:

Admirals are commissioned by the Governor of the State of Texas. Annual TNA membership dues are $50, or $20 for Admirals age 75 and older.

Commanders are non-voting TNA members age 26 and older, with annual membership dues of $30.

Lieutenants are non-voting TNA members age 16 to 25, with annual membership dues of $20.

All applications for membership will be in “pending” status until approved by the TNA Membership Committee; non-Admiral applications are approved by the Board of Directors at the following quarterly Board of Directors meeting. A Hawkins Squadron application is available here. TNA Membership applications for Admirals are available here, and for Commanders and Lieutenants here (all PDF). For further information on membership, see the Texas Navy Association website here.