Hawkins Squadron Meeting, July 11

Anthony K. Gregory (l.) and Bruce Bramlett (r.) discuss the future of U.S.S. Texas.

On Thursday evening, July 11, the Hawkins Squadron was treated to a very special presentation on the current status and future of the Battleship Texas. Our special guests were Bruce D. Bramlett, Executive Director of the Battleship Texas Foundation, Anthony K. Gregory, the Foundation Chairman, and Kandace Trujillo, Program Director of the Overnight Education Program.

Presentation of a special plaque to Bruce Bramlett (l.), Executive Director of the Battleship Texas Foundation, by Squadron Commander Barnes.

The primary presentation was made by Bruce Bramlett, who discussed in detail how plans for preserving and maintaining the battleship had evolved over the years, and how the initiative to provide state funding for the project came together during the recent legislative session in Austin. He also addressed some of the widespread concerns in the popular press about how the ship can be moved safely to an out-of-state facility to complete the required work, and some of the concerns and issues involved in selecting a permanent home for the ship when she returns. It was an extremely informative discussion, and it turns out (surprise!) that a great deal of what we’ve all read over the last couple of months is little more than uninformed, speculative nonsense. Although there were a number of issues that he could not discuss in detail, because they are under ongoing negotiation, Bramlett made it clear that the decision making process was well in hand, deliberative, and taking into account a very wide range of issues and concerns.

IMG_7086Presentation of Texas Navy Rum to Anthony K. Gregory (l.), Foundation Chairman, and Bruce Bramlett (c.), Executive Director of the Battleship Texas Foundation, by Squadron Commander Barnes.

Hawkins Squadron Commander Adm. Chester Barnes also took the occasion to present officers’ pennants to current and past Squadron officers, including current and former Deputy Commanders Adms. Jeff Kilgore and Andy Hall, Secretary Adm. Paula Morris, and Treasurer Adm. Dennis Miller. Congratulations to all for you valued service to the Squadron and to the TNA!

IMG_3503Presentation of Officers’ pennants to current and former Hawkins Squadron officers (l. to r.), Adms. Jeff Kilgore, Andy Hall, Paula Morris, and Dennis Miller.

Finally, we were all treated to a magnificent West Galveston Bay sunset, that we took as a good omen for the future of U.S.S. Texas.

748b2362e446fd6ea8cdbf1761f3694989d2d9c4c16c4eb74c53b2f5172cb789Sunset over West Bay.

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In Galveston, the Charles E. Hawkins Squadron was organized in the fall of 2016, and meets on the second Thursday in odd-numbered months.

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