Thursday: Battleship Texas!


Please remember to join us tomorrow evening, July 11, at 1900 for a very special presentation at the Charles E Hawkins Squadron meeting in Galveston. Bruce D. Bramlett, Executive Director of the Battleship Texas Foundation, will be our guest at Waterman’s Restaurant, 14302 Stewart Road in Galveston (map here). We will be meeting in the newly-christened Texas Navy Room. Social hour begins at 1800, with the Squadron meeting and program beginning at 1900.

If you didn’t RSVP, come anyway.

As many of you know, the state of Texas recently appropriated a significant amount of money dedicated to the repair and restoration of the battleship. Mr. Bramlett will provide us an update on the planning for that process, and address some of the concerns that have been expressed about the project and the future home of the ship once repairs have been completed.

Ordering will be handled as previously, at during the meetings previously at Fisherman’s Wharf. Meeting attendees can order off either the full dinner or, for smaller appetites, Waterman’s lunch menu (see menus  here). Checks will be provided individually, and a gratuity built in for separate checks. Suggested pro tip – bring cash in a variety of denominations to settle your check without requiring change or a follow-up signature.

We’re going to try something different this time, to have everyone order early but have dinner served at the end of Mr. Bramlett’s talk. Please place your orders with the waitstaff as soon as possible after arriving.

Agenda ImageThe Texas Navy Association is a private, 501(c)(3) organization, dedicated to preserving and promoting the historical legacy of the naval forces of the Republic of Texas, 1835-46. The mission of the Texas Navy Association is to preserve and promote an appreciation of the historic character and heroic acts of the Texas Navy; to promote travel by visitors to historical sites and areas in which the Texas Navy operated; to conduct, in the broadest sense, a public relations campaign to create a responsible and accurate image of Texas; and to encourage Texas communities, organizations, and individuals, as well as governmental entities, to participate with actions and money, in pursuit of these goals. Membership in the Texas Navy Association is open to all persons age 16 and over who have an interest in Texas history and want to help support the goals of the organization.

In Galveston, the Charles E. Hawkins Squadron was organized in the fall of 2016, and meets on the second Thursday in odd-numbered months.


Image: Texas launched by Miss Claudia Lyon, May 18, 1912. Library of Congress.

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