Texas Shipwrecks Program, June 15 at the Bryan Museum

Friends and Colleagues:

On Saturday, June 15, Texas State Marine Archaeologist Amy Borgens will give a presentation at the Bryan Museum in Galveston, “Out in the Open — Texas Shipwrecks in Public Spaces,” from 4 to 6 p.m. From the description:

Thousands of ships are known to have wrecked in the Gulf of Mexico! Think about that the next time you go for a stroll on the beautiful beaches of Texas—after a major storm, you might discover a shipwreck. Amy Borgens, the State Marine Archaeologist, protects historical shipwrecks and their stories. We are very fortunate to have her at the museum for this presentation. She has explored the Gulf of Mexico, personally documenting and cataloging artifacts and stabilizing them for transport.

During her presentation at the Museum, Borgens will share the discoveries and investigations of visible shipwrecks which lie along the Texas Coast.

Archaeological sites located in coastal public areas and waterways are often vulnerable to man-made impacts, vandalism, and looting despite the protections specified in the Antiquities Code of Texas. Storm events in recent years have exposed several historic shipwrecks along the Texas coast. These exciting shipwrecks and other archaeological sites are examples of the real places that tell real stories of our history. Learn more about what to do if you find an artifact or timber on the beach. 

This is going to be a great program, and one that should be on the calendar for any who loves our state’s maritime history and heritage. Admission is $5 for Bryan Museum members, or $10 for others. I hope that you will join me there. For more information or to reserve your space, see:


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