Marker Honoring Republic of Texas Navy Secretary Hunt to be Unveiled in Washington, DC, September 12.

A note from Adm. Bill Turner, Past TNA President:

HntIn the recent TNA Board of Directors Meeting, I announced an upcoming event to be hosted by the Elisabet Ney Chapter of the DRT. This chapter in DC/Virginia will be unveiling a historical marker honoring Memucan Hunt (right), General Minister of the Republic of Texas Legation to the United States of America and Secretary of the Texas Navy.

“How the Texas Navy Saved the Revolution” will be shown during the event which is to be held at the Navy Heritage Museum in Washington. The date of the ceremony is September 12. Many of our Texas Delegation are expected to attend.

The TNA is being offered 5 invitations to the event. If you are interested in attending, let me know and I will arrange for you to receive an invitation, first come first served.

For those interested, shoot Andy Hall an e-mail at maritimetexas-at-gmail-dot-com.