Hawkins Squadron: Meeting Changes on the Horizon

Members and Friends of the Hawkins Squadron:

Please allow me to take a few minutes of your time to address the subject that has been on folks’ minds lately. I know that a number of you have been dissatisfied with our dinner meetings at Fisherman’s Wharf Restaurant in Galveston. Specifically, it takes a very long time to get orders placed, and at the end of the evening, to get checks distributed individually, paid, and bills settled. This is something that we have all experienced and found some frustration with.

The staff at Fisherman’s Wharf has found this to be challenging as well, because they pride themselves in efficient service – and the current arrangement is decidedly not efficient. The reason we have used this model to date is because the squadron has not been in a position to adopt a more effective system by which people attending can make a payment directly to the squadron, and the squadron settles the bill on behalf of the entire group. That arrangement, that also requires a certain number of meals to be guaranteed by the squadron to the restaurant, requires a degree of cash reserve that we simply do not have. We are a small, relatively new group (since the fall of 2016), and this is something that we have to build up to.

For the upcoming meeting on Thursday, we will continue with the same arrangement as before, with individual ordering and checks. But the Squadron leadership is already actively working with the restaurant to put in place a system for the next meeting, in May. At that time, we expect to have in place a system by which members attending can make a payment by check or cash in advance, or at the meeting itself. Along with this arrangement, there would be a limited, fixed menu to choose from. We will also need to be much more rigorous about members RSVPing, so we can give the venue a firm count in advance. This is the sort of arrangement that many similar organizations have, and it works well. I’ll provide updates as arrangements come into clearer focus, with lots of lead time.

In the meantime, please bear with us, and come to Thursday’s meeting in good cheer, ready for a great presentation by Steve Curley. It will take a while to get orders placed and settle up at the end, please do understand that all parties are working to address these issues, and want to find a better solution for all of us.


Andy Hall
Hawkins Squadron Deputy Commander