All Hands on Deck for San Jacinto Day Ceremony!

Please help us rally the troops at the official San Jacinto Day Ceremony on behalf of the Texas Navy.

The Texas Navy will be specially recognized. This is an opportunity for Admirals to perform their duty under their Commission to assist in preserving the rich history of the Texas Navy.


The San Jacinto Day Ceremony is always held on the actual battle day, April 21, overlooking the battlefield. This Official State of Texas Ceremony is held every year to pay tribute to the Texas patriots whose heroic efforts one independence for Texas.

You will have lots of fun, meet lots of other Texans, and return filled with pride at being a Texan and a member of the Texas Navy.

Attire: Please wear a navy blazer with any medals or accoutrements that you have designating that you are a member of the TNA or Texas Navy.

Date/Time/Place: the ceremony will be held on the north side of the San Jacinto Monument, Friday, April 21. Please arrive by 10:30a.m. Look for the Texas Navy flag flying at a row of chairs.

Lunch: a great time — we will join members of the SRT, DRT, Texas Army, San Jacinto Descendants, and others for a “Dutch treat” lunch after the ceremony at the monument in.

Admiral Beth Fisher, Marshal
Ceremonial Services Team

E-mail: bethfis-at-aol-dot-com; Cell: (713) 202-Two zero four five

RSVP is not necessary but is helpful for planning purposes.

Texas Navy Day 2017 Flier 2


Image: Houston Public Media