American Oarsman Mike Matson at the Hawkins Squadron Meeting

33062878042_8d8756e176_cAdm. Mike Matson (r.) presents a U.S. Ensign and TNA pennant to Adms. Chester F. Barnes II (l.) and Adm. Dick Hatch (c.). 

On Thursday evening, American Oarsmen Skipper Mike Matson gave a presentation on his team’s recent completion of the 2016-17 Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. Matson and his teammates, David Alviar and Brian Krauskopf, completed the race on February 2, with a passage time of 49 days, 14 hours, 4 minutes, and 20 seconds. They covered a total distance of 2,789 nautical miles. They finished fourth in the race overall, and first among three-man crews.

Matson presented the Texas Navy Association with a United States Ensign and a TNA pennant (above), both of which had been carried across the Atlantic during the race. The Ensign was originally from U.S.S. Constitution, the oldest commissioned vessel in the U.S. Navy. The TNA helped sponsor the American Oarsmen’s endeavor.


Matson was also presented a Texas Navy medal, in recognition of his efforts in representing the TNA in this remarkable effort.


3 thoughts on “American Oarsman Mike Matson at the Hawkins Squadron Meeting

  1. Greetings All,

    Many thanks, ADMs Hatch, Barnes, Hall! Thanks for the update and TNA representation as such an auspicious occasion! When you finish an event like the Oarsmen you’re probably pretty much either extreme- dead or alive. But then isn’t TNA awarding also that adventuresome spirit we so often admire (Columbus, Lewis & Clark, Lindbergh, Crockett & his Tennesseeans, NASA astronauts, etc) and inherent in the very historic pioneers we look back on and promote in Texas?

    Great Oarsmen achievement and TNA support!

    r/ADM Mark Sebastian Nimitz delegate, Dallas Treasurer, TNA 2017 * * * *

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  2. Admiral Sebastian: We take your generous compliment to heart. The Hawkins Squadron is so very proud of Admiral Matson and his heroric crew. This was a grand event. The TNA should be very proud of sponsoring the American Oarsmen. The vessel, the “ANNE”, was named in honor of a very brave young lady who lost her life as a Houston Fire Fighter. Governor Abbott named their vessel as an “Official” Texas Navy ship. The first time in 140 years. The support of Pres.Admiral Patterson ,Admiral Hatch and others made the event grand. We look forward to hosting events in the future. The Texas Navy Association can be proud that our flag was flown on the “ANNE” the entire trip. “Bene Tactium” Think big, be bold with courage !

    Command Officer Charles E. Hawkins Squadron Member: Texas Navy Assoc. Member: SRT Member” Lafitte Society


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