American Oarsmen: “Eating up the miles”

On Sunday, Row 4 James (UK) crossed the finish line at English Harbor, Antigua, becoming the second boat to finish the 2016-17 Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. In doing so, they raised more than £550,000 for the James Wentworth-Stanley Memorial Fund. Well done!

The American Oarsmen, from Houston, Texas continue their strong pull toward the finish, now less than 24 hours behind Soulo Gav (Eire). In last week’s Fleet Update, the Oarsmen were noted for “eating up the miles and having an excellent row whilst maintaining a sense of humour!

The Oarsmen are currently projected to arrive at Antigua early in the morning of February 6. You can follow their progress here.



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  1. Heros in the home streach !! Thanks

    Command Officer Charles E. Hawkins Squadron Member: Texas Navy Assoc. Member: SRT Member” Lafitte Society


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