American Oarsmen: Two Weeks In

Tuesday morning, December 27, marks the end of the first two weeks of the 2016-17 Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. On Friday and Saturday, the American Oarsmen slipped a bit on the leaderboard, from third overall to fifth, being passed by Soulo Gav (Eire, solo) and Fresh Dental Challenge (UK, double). As of Tuesday morning Texas time, the Oarsmen had moved back up into fourth overall, with a narrow lead over Fresh Dental. The two three-man teams in front, Latitude 35 (US) and Row for James (UK), have extended their leads overall. You can follow the race here; be sure to check the pop-up leaderboard on the left edge of the race track chart.

It’s going to be a long race.

Also this morning, the Atlantic Challenge released this video documentary of last year’s race. Enjoy!


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